Amateur Baseball Results/Schedule

Region 13-C Playoffs:  1st-round Series – Best 2-gms-out-of-3
Friday, July 30:
Windom Pirates at Pipestone A’s  (Pirates lead series 1 gm to none)
Luverne Redbirds at Adrian A’s  (Luverne leads series 1 gm to none)
Milroy Irish at Lakefield Horned Frogs   (Milroy leads series 1 gm to none)
Saturday, July 31:
Jackson Bulls at Hadley Buttermakers  (Jackson leads series 1 gm to none)
If a 3rd game is required for any series, it will be played Sunday with the higher-seeded team hosting.
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Region 2-C Playoffs:  (full double-elimination bracket)
Thursday, July 29:
Essig Bluejays 13, Sleepy Eye Indians 0
Courtland Cubs 14, Gibbon Reds 4
Fairfax Cardinals 8, Lamberton Long Sox 6
Leavenworth Orioles 16, Searles Grizzlies 12
Saturday, July 31:  (winners bracket – at Springfield)
Essig Bluejays vs New Ulm Brewers
Courtland Cubs vs Hanska Lakers
Fairfax Cardinals vs Stark Longhorns
Leavenworth Orioles vs Springfield Tigers
Sunday, August 1st:  (Losers Bracket – at New Ulm)
Lamberton Long Sox vs Courtland/Hanska loser
Searles Grizzlies vs New Ulm/Essig Loser
Sleepy Eye Indians vs Springfield/Leavenworth loser
Gibbon Reds vs Stark/Fairfax loser