Local Headline News

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The Park and Recreation Board met on the 14th. According to City Council Member Jenny Quade Island Park will be seeing some changes in the upcoming months. The bathroom building that is located next to the shelter will be torn down this Fall. The bathroom is not usable anymore and they are hoping for groundwork to start in this area. According to Quade, the hope is to have a new shelter/bathroom combo building at Island Park next summer.   Until the new shelter is complete at Tegel’s Park at Cottonwood Lake, they want to keep this old shelter at Island Park in service.  Quade stated that there is a lot of progress taking place down at the Tegel’s Park Shelter at Cottonwood Lake. The Lions Club recently received a nice donation from Hy-Life to keep that progress moving forward. The Lions Club is still in need of more funding to finish the shelter completely. The Board was informed and discussion took place on the Sprinklers at the Windom Community/Rec Center. Quade reported, about 200 feet of line is leaking up at the Windom Rec Area and needs to be replaced before the water lines can even been blown out and winterized.  They are also looking at replacing as many sprinkler heads as they can with the current funds available. Quade stated the most exciting news is the potential of finally completing the Kayak Launch. Quade stated that the funds have been donated and everyone is eager to get the project completed. The initial launch was to be installed at Dynamite Park but there had been a lot of hang ups for the project. The Board decided to scrap the old plan and move forward with something new and get this project completed the Spring of 2023.  It was agreed that Island Park or Mayflower Park should be considered to add the kayak launch.


Temperature and soil moisture together affect fall color, and we’ve seen these factors vary widely in recent years. Local weather conditions have an impact on local fall color, and the amount and intensity of fall colors are influenced by conditions before and also during fall, when chlorophyll stops being produced. According to Val Cervenka, Minnesota DNR’s official fall color predictor,  “Overall color this year should be as stunning as we’ve come to expect if there are sunny days and chilly but not freezing nights as we get more into the season.”


The Murray County Board of Commissioners will meet this morning at 8:30 am in the Murray County Government Center. If you would like to call in and listen or join via zoom you can find further information on the Murray County Home Page.


The Jackson County Board of Commissioners and the Drainage Authority meeting starts at 8:30 a.m. this morning in the Jackson County Court House in the Commissioners Board Room.


The Cottonwood County Board of Commissioners regular Board meeting is this morning at 9am at the Cottonwood County Courthouse.


Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce meets TODAY at Noon at Mountain Lake City Hall.


Windom City Council will be meeting TONIGHT at 6:30pm in the Windom City Council Chambers.


Windom Area School Board will hold a special closed session meeting on Wednesday, September 21st at 4pm in the Elementary Conference Room. The agenda will cover private data information regarding student discipline.


Red Rock Central School District Board of Education will be meeting on Wednesday September 21st at 5pm in Lamberton.


While browsing through news, I found this to be interesting…

The DNR compiles top destinations and itineraries to go see some bright colors, whether from prairie wildflowers or deciduous forests, based on real-time reports from colleagues at Minnesota state parks. Right now, the prairie’s where it’s at, with blooming wildflowers carpeting the ground. It looks like if you are wanting to find the beauty you should follow the itinerary to northwest Minnesota for more wildflowers, first foliage changes, and amazing sunsets!