Q. How do I get my community announcement on this page?

A. To have your non-profit group’s event posted here, please send a press release to kdomnews@windomnet.com

All announcements are posted at the discretion of KDOM Radio. While we try our best to get all releases up, your submitted announcement is not guaranteed to be posted.

Windom Senior Citizens Center activities
(Weekdays at 9am: Cards, Pool, & Coffee — Call 831-2929)

For Mt Lake Senior Dining Site reservations, call 427-2151.

A reminder from Cottonwood County on the Drivers License Examination Station.   The Drivers license office has been moved.   It is now open at BARC – 1012 5th Avenue in Windom – room #20.  Written tests are offered Monday mornings from 10:00 to 11:15.  To make an appointment for a road test, call (507) 376-6551 on Tuesday. 

The Windom and Mt Lake senior dining sites have Gift Certificates available for the daily meals.  Gift certificates may be purchased at your local Senior Dining site, or on-line through the Lutheran Social Services website at www.lssmn.org/nutrition.

An Alcoholics Anonymous group  meets  every Saturday night at 7:00 in the basement of the Lutheran Church – across from the park in Jeffers.  This meeting is open to all AA or Narcotics Anonymous members.  For more information, call John at 822-9489, or Bonnie at 407-1261.