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6:06 AM ABC Sports
6:09 AM Weather Eye WeatherBrownfield
6:15 AM Brownfield Ag Weather
6:20 AM Morning Livestock Report
6:23 AM Job Search
6:30 AM News Minute
6:32 AM Weather Eye Weather
6:35 AM Commodity & Livestock Report
6:41 AM Local Farm News
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8:15 AM Cornerstone Bible Church
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8:30 AM Minnesota Ag Business News
8:38 AM Swapline
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9:30 AM News Minute
9:35 AM Chicago Board of Trade Open
9:45 AM Farmbreak
9:47 AM Local News & Funeral Notice
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10:20 AM Kaleidoscope
10:32 AM ABC 2 Minute Update
10:35 AM Hog Market Update
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10:45 AM Farmbreak
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11:11 AM Success Journal
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11:45 AM Farmbreak
11:47 AM Managing for Profit
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12:05 PM Midday Livestock Report
12:10 PM Cyndi Young’s Two Cents Worth
12:15 PM Midday Commodity Update
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12:50 PM Job Search
1:00 PM ABC News
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1:20PM Golden Gopher Daily Update
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1:32 AM Lohse Commodity Markets
1:45 PM Late Session Commodity Update
1:50 PM Wire to Fish/Hunt Radio
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2:50 PM It’s the Law in Minnesota
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4:50 Get Away From Home Program
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5:18 PM Edward Jones Stock Update
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5:25 PM Local News & Funeral Notice
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