Local Headline News

Monday, September 19, 2022

The 2022-23 season for the Windom Concert Series kicks off October 2nd at the BARC.  Memberships are now available for the season. The Windom Concert Association is celebrating 75 years with four big shows. According to Mike Foley, membership chairman, a $50 membership gives you a ticket to see all four shows plus shows in Redwood Falls and St James.  The season begins with “Brothers” performing on Sunday October 2nd.  This duo performs all your favorites like Elton John, Billy Joel and Barry Manilow.  Other shows this season include pianist David Osborne performing on November 17th, the acapella group “Backtrack Vocals” on March 27th and “How Sweet it is” featuring Steve Leslie performing the music of James Taylor on May 5th. For more information and to get your membership, call Mike Foley at 507 822-0756.


Windom Police Department reported on the 12th at 2:46 and officer received a report of damage to a Windom at the ALC School on the southeast side of the building located in the 1400 block of 6th Ave. One window was broken and there was one window that had a chip in it caused by rocks. On the 13th an Officer was advised by the Street Department Supervisor that the campers at Island Park have left Island Park and their camping spot with trash everywhere. After investigation, citations were issued to a male and female from Windom for City Ordinance Violation, Littering in the Park.


Jackson County Sheriff’s office reported on the 15th at 5:12 PM  A deputy conducted a traffic stop on I-90 near Jackson.  As a result, the driver was issued a citation for Illegal U-Turn on an Interstate and at 7:04pm A deputy conducted a traffic stop in Heron Lake Twns.  As a result, the driver was issued a citation for Disobey Stop Sign at the intersection of CR 17 and 870th St.


The Cottonwood County Sheriff’s Office reported at 6:26pm on the 12th a

Deputy was advised of a dog bit that happened in the county and the victim was at the Westbrook Medical Center. The victim had been bit in the face by their Rottweiler. The victim was referred to Sioux Falls plastic surgery and that he will need his lip looked at as that was the worst part of his injury from the bite. On the 10th a deputy responded to a two-vehicle accident Co Rd 1 and Co Rd 13, no injuries and a Deputy met a male party in the lobby at the Law Enforcement Center. It was reported that damage was done to his mailbox in rural Windom on 500th Ave. Mailbox appeared to have been smashed with an object rather than a vehicle. On the evening of the 9th a Deputy observed a vehicle with a headlight out. This vehicle was known to be driven by a party who had an active warrant in Cottonwood County. A stop was made, the driver of the vehicle was let go and warned for the headlight and a Windom Male was taken into custody on his active warrant.


The Park and Recreation Board met on the 14th. According to City Council Member Jenny Quade the board discussed the horse shows over this 2022 Season. The Board reviewed the expense, labor and attendance last year and had some discussion on the future.  According to Quade, “We had fair board, 4-H and horse people in the community come to the Park & Rec meeting last year to support continuing with the use of the indoor arena are for horse shows.   As a board it was decided to continue the horse shows and reevaluate numbers again the next year.” Quade went onto say that the board looked at another year of declining numbers in attendance and the costs to install all the material inside the arena to make a safe riding area.    There was also discussion about improving the outdoor riding area and looking at possible upgrades outside with seating, announcing stand, judges’ area, etc that could be added with just the funds that are used for the current costs.  Quade stated that there is much to still consider in the future of installing all the ground material inside the arena each summer, outdoor area improvements, and possible other options out there.

Quade reported that another agenda item discussed was the Windom Pool. “Friends of the Pool” was a group that was around in the past and there is anticipation of getting that group back up and running again in support of the Windom Pool. According to Quade, The Windom Pool is old and deteriorating.  There have been many fixes over the years but the age and availability of parts is getting more difficult.  The baby pool area is most likely beyond repair at this point.  It would cost more to try to repair than it would be worth doing.   Quade went onto say, “The Friends of the Pool” group will be started up again this Fall 2022.  She encouraged anyone that is passionate about the pool and wants to participate in this group, to watch for social media posts this fall and/or contact Tim Hogan at the Windom Arena to add your name to the list.   The Park & Recreation Board would like to get feedback on the future of the pool in Windom.   Quade stated she is sure funding is going to be a topic of discussion again during Council Budget times again this year.


Mountain Lake City Council will be meeting TONIGHT at 6:30pm in Mountain Lake City Hall


The Cottonwood County Board of Commissioners will be holding a work session meeting this morning at 8:30am at the Cottonwood County Courthouse to discuss the following items: The 2023 Proposed Budget and County Positions- Ditch Inspector, GIS


The Murray County Board of Commissioners will meet Tuesday, September 20th at 8:30 am in the Murray County Government Center. If you would like to call in and listen or join via zoom you can find further information on the Murray County Home Page.


The Jackson County Board of Commissioners and the Drainage Authority will be meeting on Tuesday, September 20th at 8:30 a.m. in the Jackson County Court House in the Commissioners Board Room.


The Cottonwood County Board of Commissioners will hold a regular Board meeting on  Tuesday, September 20th at 9am at the Cottonwood County Courthouse.


Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce will be meeting Tuesday September 20th at Noon at Mountain Lake City Hall.


Windom City Council will be meeting Tuesday September 20th at 6:30pm in the Windom City Council Chambers.


Windom Area School Board will hold a special closed session meeting on Wednesday, September 21st at 4pm in the Elementary Conference Room. The agenda will cover private data information regarding student discipline.


Red Rock Central School District Board of Education will be meeting on Wednesday September 21st at 5pm in Lamberton.