RRC @ MLA-C Volleyball Breakdown! 10/4/22

Set 1.  RRC Wins 25-23

The first set was very much back and forth.  The Wolverines seemed to be somewhat in control throughout most of the set with a consistent couple point lead.  But RRC pulled ahead late in the set and held on for the win.

Set 2.  RRC Wins 25-22

The second set was much different from the first, and would ultimately be an outlier in the way the match would play out.  RRC was able to go on a huge run with Senior Sondra Rindfleisch serving for the Falcons.  With a double digit lead in the set, the Falcons made some substitutions to rest some starters but the Wolverines didn’t give up and fought back to make it close.  In the end, the Falcons held on for the win.

Set 3. MLA-C Wins 25-21

The Wolverines showed fight all night long and it finally paid off in the 3rd set. Falcons jumped out to a 4-1 lead in the set, but led by Seniors Brooke Naas and Michala Morin on the outside, and Jaci Tollefson with the set ups, the wolverines were able to take set 3.

Set 4. RRC Wins 25-22.  Take match 3-1

The Falcons just proved to be too much for the Wolverines on this particular night as they were able to hold off MLA-C in the 4th set to get the win.  Leaning heavily on their senior leadership with Emily DeCock, Sondra Rindfleisch, and Josie Horning making plays, as well as Sophomore Maia Scheffler doing the dirty work as the Libero.  A big road win was achieved by the Red Rock Central Falcons as they look to use the momentum moving forward.

RRC next match will be October 11th  at Adrian/Ellsworth.

MLA-C next match will be October 10th at home against Springfield.